Saturday, March 26, 2011

Going to be a relaxing night!!!

Well mommy and daddy are getting ready to leave us for a couple of hours.. To us that is about 8 doggy hours to long!! but anyways they will leave us the big bed and blankets for us to sleep on, especially Joey will like that since he likes to curl up in them.

Well for everyone to know I am getting better, it is taking a little bit longer than usual, but I have come a long way! Today I was walking a little bit longer on my hind legs. I wish I could feel my right paw cuz I need to scratch that side of my belly and ear and I always have to beg mommy and daddy to do it for me!!! I got a visit the other day from mommy and daddy's friends and they gave us love, but I was trying to tell them how much I was feelin and mommy kept telling to be quiet. It was like I was barking to loud, shame on mommy. Well I better get off the computer now, Daddy does not like us on while they are gone.

That is what they think hehehehehehehe!!!!!

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