My Favorite Dog Clock

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lonely!!!! :o(

Well last night mommy and daddy met up with grandma and switched me for another dog. They explained it to me though that it since i am going camping this weekend with them and the other dog is being doggiesat with my sis (Penni) while I get to go camping. that if I go up to grandmas now it is easier for them to get stuff packed and ready so they don't have to rush me, I will be ready when they get up there. So right now I am chillin out at grandma's until tomorrow night when I get to see mommy and daddy for our camping trip. YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Sore!!!! by Joey

Good Morning Y'all thsi is Joey here!!! I am a little sore this morning. I must of had a dream where i was rolling around in a nice pile of mud, and when i was rolling around i fell off of mom and dad's bed and landed on my sis's and I's little bed. Mommy woke up when she heard me go kirplunk. Mom told dad this morning but dad did not remember hearing mommy tell him last night about it and he felt bad cuz he thought he pushed me off. Don't worry dad you didn't push me off. Well I better get off the computer and get a doggie nap in.