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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where was mom and dad last night?

ok it was weird last night, usually daddy comes home around 3:15 p.m from work, but this time he didn't. Joey and I were wonderin what was going on, cuz we wanted to play and get our dinner cuz we were really hungry and I wanted my daddy cuddle time. So we waited until around 5:30 when he finally got home. He took us out and then fed us, once he fed us he left us again. but this time he shut the windows and turned the air on in the house so it was alot cooler. I mean I like it when the windows are opened cuz then I can bark loudly to people who walk by and wait for the mail lady to drop off our doggie mail. (Biscuit) but It feels good when they turn the air on in the house.

So we were ok that dad left cuz we knew mommy would be coming home. Well mom did not come home either now we were getting sad and scared. I think Joey was fine cuz he just laid in his doggie bed by the couch, well I was gettin scared, I wish they would have given us a Doggie phone to call them so we knew where they were. Well it was around 9:30 and they finally came home, and boy did we give them loves, they should know better than to do that to us. Oh well they made it home and it was time to cuddle and sleep..

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