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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joey here!!!

Well I want to welcome everyone also, since my little sis can't wake me up to post on here with her. I am actually sneeking on here since I am only allowed to be on this when mom or dad is here with us. My family adopted me from another family that adopted me from a humane Society. They saved me from a puppy mill where they treated me real bad, and did not care for me, they even cut my vocal so I could not talk anymore, so if I need to get my mom and dad's attention I have to grunt or nudge my wet cold nose at them. I wish I had a collar like the dog in the movie"UP" has where it speaks for him. I am so happy to be with my new mommy and daddy and to have a little sis also. (That annoys me alot when I try to eat my dinner)

Well I am gonna log off for now, but I will be on later if my sis does not get to it before me.
Time for my Doggie Nap.

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